Two Ingredient Sleep Recipe

This recipe from Healthy Food House is a healthier more palatable version of an earlier post on the subject of sleepless nights.  It is also better for being taken before sleep rather than on waking during the night.  Make it even more beneficial and use local organic honey.

The best sleep solution- Himalayan salt and honey

If you want to resolve your sleep issues and start sleeping like a baby, then, this is your miraculous remedy. It is made of only 2 ingredients, and it will help your body to relax and to prepare for the next day.


  • One teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Five teaspoons of natural honey

Method of preparation:

Take a glass jar and mix the ingredients in it. You can use as much as you want, but the best proportion of the ingredients is 1:5.


Put a bit of this under your tongue before going to bed and let the mixture dissolve naturally.



cartoon sleep

Health and Booty have a range of salts which assist sleep.  Epsom salts are highly recommended and ‘Sweet Dreamzzz’ are designed for bedtime bathing.  A luxury combination of Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salt and Lavender with Sweet Orange essential oils.

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