Shhh…Cannabis Oil is on it’s way (the legal stuff without the high)

Yes, that word!  We’re actually talking about hemp oil (not hemp seed oil) which is rich in cannabinoids (CBD).  Hemp, marijuana, cannabis, are all basically the same plant but with different varieties -much the same as many other plants.

I have spent years being quietly frustrated, with having to live in the knowledge that our planet and people living on it are being deprived of one of the most beneficial, healing and productive ‘gifts of nature’ we have.

Call it what you like, there is now no getting away from the facts surrounding this magical herb.

Many readers will remember the thriving hemp industry we once had in this country. It’s time to bring it back and to include ALL of its beneficial uses.

Health and Booty is proud to announce that  CBD (Cannabinoids/Cannabidiol)  Rich Hemp Oil in varying shapes and sizes, from straightforward oil, to gum, to e liquids, vaporisers and buds to make tea, are available to purchase through this website and of course directly through me.

Health and Booty has Cannabinoid rich hemp oil that is legal, grown specifically without the bit that gets you high (Less than 0.02% THC) but rich with organic cannabadiols (CBD), combining to encourage optimum health, even in the most seemingly impossible of circumstances.

The internet is crammed full of articles on the subject – I’ve done my research, found, in my opinion, the absolute best UK producer/supplier who’s ethics match that of Health and Booty and satisfied myself that this product works – please do the same for yourself.  Read what others are saying about their experience using CBD oil by visiting the comments section which is often at the end of articles.

Click here for a link which takes you to one of many informative articles on the subject of CBD oil and how it works, courtesy of Wake Up

Please contact if you would like a free telephone consultation or to arrange a home visit.




2 thoughts on “Shhh…Cannabis Oil is on it’s way (the legal stuff without the high)

  1. Hi hope this message finds you well, my mam suffers with arthritis and sciatica and is looking for a pain replacement, I wondered if you could email me a price list and which cbs you would recommend for this and what strength.
    I also suffer with constant inner ear conditions and vertigo and neausea do you think this would help with my condition also?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards and many thanks

    1. Hello Edel,
      Apologies for late response…I tried replying via my email account but it keeps being returned undeliverable!
      Here’s my number: 07960 134813…please text me with a brief message saying who you are and I’ll call you asap.
      For prices, please look at ‘CBD Brothers’ website as it’s their products I sell at the same prices.
      Many Thanks,
      Christine Booty

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