I’m Christine Booty, the energy behind Health and Booty!

My interest in the relationship between nutrition and health has grown over a number of years, initially through my own health issues (polycystic ovary syndrome, weight gain, hair loss)  and then through a series of experiences with friends and family, proving beyond doubt that when our bodies tell us  there is something amiss, mother earth has a cure or at the very least, a healing remedy to offer.

My intention is to pass on knowledge gained through research, personal experience and an ever increasing appetite for scientifically backed, topical or historical health related subjects, particularly those regarding food and its affect on our health.

Products will be available for purchase at Health and Booty events and locally via personal courier….meeting me face to face with your order!

Please contact me to arrange a Health and Booty party at your home, playgroup, fitness class or for a one to one chat.